I’m not sure what compelled me to begin this blog in the first place. Perhaps it was the attempt my friend and I had made a few years prior, an attempt which slowly dwindled into nothing? Or maybe it was the desire to be published, albeit unofficially.

My dream as a writer, as a storyteller, always seemed so far-fetched; the amount of people that said I wouldn’t make it only reaffirmed that belief. So maybe, if I can’t publish through a company, then the Internet would open up to me.

You’ll find that I’m quite defensive about arts – that’s the thing about people who are either pursuing arts, pursued arts, or will pursue art. Countless people bash on English and History; at my high school, the constant question is “Why does this matter?” I find myself saddened by the lack of appreciation, and the lack of worth my peers place on the subject I want to pursue as a viable career option. It’s a running joke in my English class that those who wish to major in English will end up becoming a barista at Starbucks, and nothing else. But English, and writing in general, is a necessary communication skill. Why else would every high school ask that you complete English 12, and universities demand a first-year English course?

It is simply necessary – a life skill that frankly, people don’t appreciate until much later; I have discovered this appreciation early on, thanks to my English teachers. This blog is going to document my journey as I wrestle with faith, with God, and with perseverance, and with all the other things that contribute to what it means to be human. This is my chance to pursue art and creativity and vibrancy, while I still can. I hope you’ll be able to join me as I do.