When I imagine peace, I usually think about a serene lake, where the waves crash gently on the shoreline,

before receding, just as gentle as the procession.

I think of whispering trees, swaying to the symphony of nature, led by the wind –

their faithful partner.


But what I have discovered is that peace doesn’t always look like that.

When it is two a.m., and my lungs have finally stopped gasping, and my heartbeat finally calms –


When the laughter is loud, and the music is good –


When the seats at the dining table are filled, when the conversation is meaningful –



Peace is hard to find, and easy to lose

amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Peace was a sacrifice I made when I chose pride.

It was something I lost when I chose security.

Peace is something I miss daily.


But when I sit on the soft covers of my bed with my best friend,

Breaking the silence with girlish giggles,

I find it again –


And this time, I refuse to let it go.


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