The light bulb flickers dimly.

You huddle by the small light,

Clutching your knees to your chest,

rocking back and forth.


The light kept the monsters at bay,

But you don’t know how long it’ll last.

With horror, you watch helplessly as the light flickers



You are surrounded –

by sultry voices,

darkness, nipping at your skin.

And although you’re desperately praying for the light to return –

 if only for a moment –

You’ve resigned yourself to the fate of waking nightmares,

an ever present cloud of fear and anger and sadness.

Suddenly, the room is bathed with light,

chasing away the darkness.

Your eyes water as they blink rapidly to adjust,

and you wipe your tear-stained cheeks.

He stands there with a soft, knowing smile,

his arms open.

And you run to him, clutching at his clothes and you

begin crying, all over again.

Because at the end of the day,

You’re still the child, afraid of the dark –

just a different kind of darkness now.

But all you need to do is

turn on the light.



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